Team Members

To meet the needs of our patients CareLink uses a team approach. Teams are led by a physician and include representatives from nursing, care coordination, dietary services, pharmacy, respiratory, physical, occupational and speech therapies, and others as appropriate. Physician specialists are also included when needed. Patients and family are important members of the team, and encouraged to participate in all aspects of care.
CareLink Staff

Our staff are specialists in their fields, providing

expertise and an abundant talent for caring.


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Cardiopulmonary Care Program

Renal / Dialysis Program

Ventilator Weaning Program

Wound Care Program

> Physicians are responsible for planning treatment, care and patient rehabilitation in accordance with individual medical needs.
> Nurse Practitioners assist in implementing treatment. They also assist in management of patient care to meet individual patient needs and goals.
> Nurses provide 24-hour care and shape treatment plans while assessing patient progress. CareLink nurses are caring and clinical skilled.
> Care Coordinators are usually the first staff a patient meets. They often visit patients at home or hospital, helping them prepare for the CareLink experience.
> Registered Dieticians evaluate nutritional status upon arrival, make dietary recommendations, and are available consultation with patients and families.
> Respiratory Therapists maximize the patient’s ability to breathe comfortably, provide oxygen delivery, nebulized medications and ventilator care.
> Pharmacists oversee patient medication and education about discharge medications, ensuring awareness of possible side effects or interactions.
> Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists improve ability to perform activities within condition limitations while increasing strength and endurance.
> Wound Care Nurse/Team evaluate and treat wound, showing patients and family how to clean, treat and dress for proper healing.
> Pastoral Care addresses the spiritual needs of patients and their families, an important part of holistic care.
> Social Workers link patient and care team. They make sure patient’s needs are met and ensure the discharge process and return home are smooth.
CareLink of Jackson is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.