Ventilator Weaning Program

The CareLink team works toward restoring optimal well-being, while decreasing dependence on medical interventions such as ventilators.

We treat each patient according to his or her own pace and individual needs while helping them to become independent of a ventilator.

Our goals are to help patients to:
> Breathe without use of a ventilator

> Become independent of artificial airways
> Become medically stable
> Swallow without impairment
> Move, walk and care for themselves with minimal assistance
> Learn more about their medical condition and how to treat it.


Team Approach

We have found the supportive teamwork approach the most effective and efficient way to ensure excellence.


The patients we serve require careful monitoring by our physicians, nurses, dieticians and rehabilitative therapists who work together to provide exceptional care with compassion.

Every CareLink patient is evaluated by the team so that we can customize a plan of care to meet his or her individual needs for the best overall outcome.

CareLink Programs

Cardiopulmonary Care Program

Ventilator Weaning Program

Wound Care Program

CareLink of Jackson is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.